IV: Tyrants by Candlelight

Because Tyrants are all misguided and shit

Once they showed up in Wroat, they decided to jump to the king's attention by digging up his former wife's case. Once they discovered what tyranny lay beneath, they said their piece and set off for The Eldeen Reaches.

11/02/998 to 11/04/998 Episode 4
Relevant NPCs Met
King Boranel "Three"
Jace Detective Oriban

Idle Business

A message was sent to Rock's tribe. After arriving in Wroat via a rather uneventful ride on the lightning rail, they discovered that the next airship to head off to The Eldeen Reaches wouldn't be for another five days hence. The party was forced to play the waiting game. Ronin and Rock decided to due whatever jobs there were to pass the time, while Tahl went to speak to someone about scheduling an appointment with the king.

Crown at the End

Ronin and Rock went to pursue the currently unsolved mystery surrounding the Queen's murder. This lead them to speak to the leading investigator, Detective Oriban, who was celebrating his past success by himself last night. He celebrated alone because the very case of the Queen's murder lead to the disappearances/deaths of his employees. This lead to a spiraling downturn of bad business; he was forced to close the doors to his offices. He was more than willing to part with his findings and notes of the case thus far. The two party members went to speak with the king's personal bodyguard, Three. Tahl and Horandon was speaking to Three about an appointment, and despite a damn good reason to see the king, the party still had to wait for two months. But was told to do something that a warrior king would appreciate, thus forcing his hand to meet you personally and offer up what support he could once you had his ear. Gee, perhaps solving the murder of his wife? The party then reunites and reads up on the notes, gaining leads and momentum to perhaps killing a few birds with one big stone.

Where Breadcrumbs Go

Ronin and Rock took point in questioning three main suspects while Tahl busied himself by creating a spell. Horandon took all day to eat a wrack of lamb. The suspects; the Butler, the Maiden, and the Guard, all regurgitated a story of about two years old, but despite how old it is, there were some inconsistencies. Something to do candles. Ronin and Rock almost killed the Guard, but the hostility was put to rest when they met the Royal Counselor. They leave to run notes by Tahl.

Seeing the Facade Crack

The party agreed to see each suspect one at a time, asking the Maiden to show up first. After a successful as hell intimidation check, Ronin got the impression that she was acting, terribly, and saw that she was in disguise. The meeting escalated to combat, of which she stood no chance. After she passed out, she reverted into a changeling's natural form. Suddenly, the case was blow right open. The party apprehended the Guard the same way, and soon after the Butler before squeezing him of incriminating facts. The Guard manages to escape the party's grasp, but they still have two bodies of changeling members of a power group known as Content Not Found: tryants. The king needed to be informed.

Friends Everywhere

King Boranel was rudely interrupted when Three crashed into his throne room, a changeling on each shoulder, and party in tow. After informing the king that his own palace has been riddled with Content Not Found: tyrants for some time now, there is no telling who to trust. The king took this as an invitation to don his armor, and recall a pair of goggles he won during a bet in a game of poker. Suddenly, as if one cue, a knock is heard on the throne room door. After opening, a guard walks in and reveals that he is a changeling, then quickly puts his arms in the air. His name is Dax and was sent by Gard to help the party out. And realizes that his timing is possibly the worst.

Better Than How They Found It?

After establishing a way to combat the invasion of Content Not Found: tyrants, with goggles of true-seeing and window panes of true-seeing, the party wasted no time telling the king of the real reason why they were there. After hearing the plight of the party in regards to the future well being of existence, he seemed more than happy to lend what aid he could. Even bestowed some wisdom upon them in ways of: Group Name? Crest? Location? All good things. After undeniably solving the Queen's murder, the party still had an airship to catch. The king gave the party treasure, and a way out once they were ready. Dax is to follow them until the head to Thronehold.

The Queen's death hit us all. Some harder than others. To think Tyrants were behind it made it sting longer. And this was supposed to kill time. Funny, how that all turns out. Funny how that was the time Dax decided to play a part. Funny that it was then that they heard of this place. Make no mistake; nothing hilarious about it, no matter how you cut it.

- Quinrayaes, Spinner of Myths


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